Back in September, the Hip-Hop world lost renowned “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper Coolio, who died at age 59 of causes still yet to be determined while visiting a friend in Los Angeles. Now, the late West Coast rapper’s assets are set to be divided between seven of his reported 10 children.

Coolio, a West Coast rapper known for his Grammy Award-winning track "Gangsta's Paradise," has died. He was 59.


Whether it’s 90 Day Fiancé or Love & Hip Hop, viewers love to get into people’s personal lives and relationships on a weekly basis and with that in mind Oprah‘s OWN planning to do a special virtual event ahead of its season finale for Love Goals this May 9.

Talk about kicking a man when he’s down. Coolio had to stand before a judge to hear his fate after getting caught at the airport with a gun, and get his hair critiqued. 

No one can predict just how well a great song will perform in future years and that can be applied a million times over for Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Released in 1995 for the Dangerous Minds’ soundtrack, the song has taken on a pop culture significance that honestly does match the track’s hard aesthetic. Twenty years […]

For some men, it’s a matter of when, not if, they’ll begin balding. But when that day comes, it’s best to greet it with open arms. Here’s a list of celebs who are still holding on to their hair for dear life. — Photo: YouTube — LeBron James You can flourish in every aspect of life, […]

Coolio made an unexpected blip on the rap radar yesterday (July 22) when it was announced that he was revamping his career with the help of not only one of the biggest adult sites in the world, but Internet on the period in

We have yet to hear someone says, “Man, I wish Coolio would drop a new record.” Nevertheless, the “Fantastic Voyage” and struggle braided rapper is in comeback mode and will be premiering all his new videos via 

West Coast veteran Coolio may not have the drawing power he once had, but it hasn’t seemed to diminish his charitable spirit. After playing a show in the city of Preston in England, Coolio decided to visit the college dorm of fans to hang out, play a little music, and even filmed an episode of […]

Struggle haircut rocking occasional reality star Coolio needs to get his life together. The “Fantastic Voyage” rapper allegedly punched his baby mother in the face earlier this month. But that’s only a small portion of the tomfoolery. 

Every father (notice we said “father”) wants to be a good example to their children. But when you’re a rapper who promotes violence, misogyny and bucking the system on a daily basis, sometimes balancing being a shining example to your chirren and being a good entertainer can get tricky. Often times a rapper’s bad habits can […]

Things aren’t looking great for Coolio’s son, Grtis Ivey. Earlier in the year he and his father were locked up at the same Las Vegas jail, and now he’s been sentenced for robbing an apartment in Las Vegas alongside a female friend. TMZ is reporting that Ivey was sentenced for the crime but faces between […]