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Coolio made an unexpected blip on the rap radar yesterday (July 22) when it was announced that he was revamping his career with the help of not only one of the biggest adult sites in the world, but Internet on the period in

The goal for both teams was reportedly to provide the “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper with plenty of talent (read: T&A) for a music video to possibly pull his career up from the struggle hell from which is has be dwelling in for some time.

Somewhere down the lines, the Internet began to play telephone and rumors swirled that Coolio had actually signed a deal with Pornhub and the rapper lashed out against TMZ in a Rolling Stone interview earlier today.

“I don’t know why TMZ always has to do that bullsh*t, man,” Coolio complained. “I let them into the video shoot willingly and then the first thing they do is talk bullsh*t about me and try to make me look bad. They were trying to say it was my comeback. Man, I ain’t trying to make no f**kin’ comeback off some porn. That sh*t was a f**kin’ promo song for the website. That’s it! I met some executive from Pornhub while he was out [in Las Vegas] for the AVNs. We hung out; he was cool. He asked me to do a song for Pornhub and that was it.”

While those sound like fighting words towards an industry that gave him an ounce of relevancy in 2014, Matthew Blake, Marketing & Communications Manager for the site, tells Hip-Hop Wired that there isn’t any hard feelings or offense taken.

“[It’s] no diss,” Blake assures. “We met Coolio and discussed the idea of him recording a song, and us producing and exclusively releasing the music video. While on shoot we talked about the idea of Coolio working with us for future projects. The deal would have to be beneficial for both sides, but Coolio was great to work with and we’re all incredibly excited to see the finished product.”

Be sure to keep it locked for said “finished product.” All that skin action just may provide what the summer has been missing. Check out a behind-the-scene-flick on the next page.

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