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Scottie Nell Hughes, the often loud and wrong Donald Trump surrogate, has made herself the target of ridicule and disappointment by way of her blind devotion to Republican Party nominee. So fierce is her support that Hughes attacked Jay Z for his GOTV performance for Hillary Clinton in Ohio and got her slander wrong by saying the rapper is anti-cop for having “mazel tov” cocktails in one of his videos.

The good folks at Deadspin reported on Hughes’ latest round of verbal diarrhea, this time aiming her venom at Clinton having Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé stump for her at the concert. Hughes was on a CNN panel backing up her candidate’s slamming of the power couple, and just leaped right out in front with the kind of confidence typically not afforded to the dim-witted.unless

“One of his main videos starts off with a crowd throwing Mazel Tov cocktails at the police,” Hughes said. “And that’s very much an anti-police message.”

The video Hughes was referencing was Watch The Throne’s “No Church In The Wild” and the term she was fumbling for was molotov, not mazel tov, unless she thought Hov was some kind of Jewish freedom fighter lobbing bombs of good luck towards the police.

If you must, watch Scottie Nell Hughes trip over her own shoelaces with the “mazel tov” cocktail reference in the clip below. Props to Crooks and Liars for the video grab.

Photo: screen cap