HipHopWired‘s latest original series Hip-Hop Collectors goes inside the spaces and places of some of the culture’s most enthusiastic fans and contributors.

We all have that friend who just can’t seem to throw anything away. They keep every tape, CD, magazine, concert ticket or anything else that has to do with Hip-Hop. You yourself might even be that person.

Hip-Hop Collectors is a show that will celebrate those people. Our first guest is Detroit native and Atlanta creative Larry “Nuface” Compton. Nuface has been collecting all things Hip-Hop since he picked up his first ever tape, Salt-N-Pepa’s 1986 debut Hot, Cool & Vicious. From there Nuface hit up his local record stores every Tuesday to get the new releases. At one point, his collection got so huge that people started asking, and paying him, to dub copies for him.

Over the years Nuface’s collection of music and other artifacts has grown to the point that he’s had to dedicate an entire room to hold everything, and he still has a garage full of stuff after that. If you follow him on Instagram, you can see how he goes around the country to different events getting some of the artists, producers and other creatives behind the music to autograph what he’s collected. A visual artist in his own right, he also gifts the artists, including Rick Ross and Run The Jewels, with original works that he’s made himself.

We caught up with Nuface in his suburban Atlanta home to find out the stories behind some of his most prized Hip-Hop artifacts. Hope you enjoy.

Also, if you have a collection of Hip-Hop related stuff or know someone who does and thinks it’s worthy of covering, we’d love to see! Hit us up at and let us know what’s good.

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