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Common added two unique perspectives to the remix of “Black America Again.” Listen to what Gucci Mane and Pusha T had to say on it.

Given America’s social and political climate, we need as much unity as possible in Hip-Hop. Common is playing his part by getting Gucci Mane and Pusha T on the remix for “Black America Again.” Here we have Gucci Mane, a man who couldn’t vote in this year’s election because of his criminal record, offering a personal testimony about his life post-prison. Then, we have Pusha T, a man who used his celebrity to get people to vote for a candidate he felt could fix America’s mass incarceration problem.

Gucci drives the emotion of the song with to-the-point lines like “I’m tired of the f*ck sh*t” while Push [who sounds like Malice here] sums up the tone of the track with lyrics like, “I confess, I’m part of the problem, As of late, I’m trying to solve them.”

Listen to the unexpected, but very welcome collaboration below.

Photo: Instagram