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A video of an older man throwing fast hands and beating down a  younger belligerent man on an NYC train is currently making the rounds since the fade the former delivered was so immaculate. Yet, there are many nuanced levels to the OG treating his opponents face like a punching bag that must also be noted. 

First off, look at the OG’s stance, on the quiet hhe was already squared up and ready to throw the hands, while his opponent was talking wild ish, but his hands were down.

Then, notice how clean the older gentleman’s shoes are. Cocaine white bruh. This is not a man who suffers fools.

Now, look at buddy in the blue hoody. Yes, he is low-key recording the confrontation, but trying not to get seen doing so.

At the start of the clip, the OG can be heard saying “Call me a ni**a again.” While this is a short clip, we’ve heard enough to deem the pending fade is also an administration of justice.

Then, when the blows start raining down, some of them are delivered with an open hand. That’s pimp ish right there.

Finally, that last 2-piece and a biscuit, with all the sides, is just filthy. Even the woman recording has had enough.

Watch below.

Photo: screen cap