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Luke’s been taking so many L’s lately that you’d think he was the embodiment of the Democratic party.

From hot slugs to a hot acid bath, Luke Cage has been trying to hang on to dear life like Coolio’s been hanging on to his two braids that refuse to lose.

Meanwhile Diamondback a.k.a Willis Stryker a.k.a. Luke Cage’s brother has filled the void left by Cottonmouth’s untimely demise and uses Mariah Dillard’s political clout to help further his devious plan and take over Harlem without anyone even noticing.

Well, almost anyone. Detective Misty Knight’s been trying her best to get any leads on the man who toyed with her life but is still under the watchful eye of her superior, Inspector Ridley. But like Luke Cage, Misty Knight just doesn’t give up.

Here’s a quick recap of Marvel’s Luke Cage, Episode 10: Take It Personal.

Photo: Netflix

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