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Rumors are circulating that Beyonce will be headlining Coachella. Fans are currently considering how much property to sell off to buy tickets. # Beyonce Coachella

The annual Coachella Music Festival has been the rich kid and wealthy music lover’s playground for years. After starting out being a launching pad for up and coming artists, they’ve opted to produced healthy balance between commercial, critically-acclaimed and underground music. But all of that may be set to change this year.

The biggest pop star on the planet is rumored to be headlining the festival this year, Beyonce.

Tickets to the festival have always been higher than Wiz Khalifa riding a giraffe, but if this is true, people can expect to pay more for festival passes than the plane flights they took to get there.

Sensing that this will be a heavily debated financial decision, fans are already considering what they would have to do see the Queen Bey at the festival.

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