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Remember Justin Bieber’s +1 Lil Twist—the struggle rapper? Well, he just got sentenced to a 1-year bid for beating up and robbing ex-Nickelodeon star Chris Massey.

Reports TMZ:

Justin Bieber’s old buddy was sentenced Wednesday after he was accused of breaking into Kyle Massey’s apartment a couple years back and robbing his bro during a brutal attack. Twist pled no contest to 6 charges, and got a year in L.A. County lockup.

We broke the story … Twist allegedly pummeled Chris and stole his Rolex. He turned himself in this past September after bailing on a court appearance.

He could have gotten nearly 10 years, but dodged that with a plea deal. He doesn’t have to turn himself in until February 3.

Lil Twist can reportedly get out by August for good behavior.

Nevertheless, the struggle is real.