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Conservative mouthpiece Tomi Lahren got eviscerated on The Daily Show yesterday (Nov. 30), and she’s been trending, for all the wrong reasons, ever since. Charlamagne Tha God called out the anti-Black Lives Matters delegate for canceling her appearance on The Breakfast Club this morning (Dec. 1) after things didn’t go her way during her interview with Trevor Noah. 

According to Charlamagne, Lahren’s reps at The Blaze Network, which carries her show, deaded the appearance, and he thinks it because her interview with Noah was disastrous.

“I just want people to get to know Tomi. I want to get to know Tomi,” Charlemagne said. “I want to know what her background is, she’s a young girl…I don’t meet too many, ya know, young people that have her mindset, so I wanted to where she learned that from, what was her upbringing like, who are her parents, you know, who put those thoughts in her. ‘Cause she has a real old Republican mindset that you don’t see in someone that young, so I wanted to know who put that in her.”

He added, “I want to know whether she ever had any black penis.”


If you haven’t seen the Lahren’s interview with Noah, do so right here. It’s a must watch.

Watch Charlamagne give his side of the story below.

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