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Cam’Ron stopped by the Angie Martinez show and cleared the air on his legal issues with VH1 and Love & Hip-Hop and his relationship with Jim Jones.

Cam’Ron was an open book with Angie Martinez going down memory lane and giving us updates on latest ventures.

For much of the interview he spoke about his current standing with former friend Jim Jones. Cam says that he’s reached a point where he’s done talking to Jim, mostly because of his behavior on social media. He says that Jim has a habit of making personal issues public and his behavior on social media in general. Cam says that after it happened one too many times, he decided to cut him off completely. He also went on to infer that their relationship is not as deep as people think and that he’s not even really from Harlem.

“I grew up with Big L, Huddy 6, Mase,” he says. “These are the people I used to rap with when I was rapping. Jim came right when things was about to pop off…Jim caught it right when it was business time…we knew each other but we didn’t start hanging until we was 20 years old…we grew up as business partners.”

Then he took it slightly below the belt saying, “Jim is from the Bronx, he’s not from Harlem, his grandmother is from Harlem.”

All Angie could say was “Please don’t take his Harlem card.”

Adding to that, he all but put a bullet in the head of the idea of a Dipset reunion ever happening again, saying that the first reunion happened in 2010 and that people should move on.

Cam also clarified his intentions to sue the producers of Love & Hip-Hop for using his image in the commercials promoting their new season. Last month Cam posted an Instagram message threatening legal action against them, as well as UFC for using his song “Welcome To New York City” without his authorization. He says that Universal Records owns the rights to the song, but that his signature was still needed to clear the track. Once he brought up his grievance, the commercials were taken down, proving his point they were in the wrong.

On a lighter note though, Cam gave props to fellow Harlem rapper Dave East and also hinted a doing a joint project with A$AP Ferg.

“We talked about possibly doing an EP, six songs, and then touring it,” he says.

Check out the interview for yourself below.

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