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Author and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates penned an article for The Atlantic titled “My President Was Black.” Of course, people got offended.

Whenever Ta-Nehisi Coates drops a new article, it’s like your favorite rapper dropping a new album or mixtape. His latest piece examines the eight-year Obama presidency and the aftermath of it. The article was intended to be an interview with the outgoing President with a look at race relations before and after him.

As soon as the headline “My President Is Black” hit Twitter, we got a look at what race relations could be like in America and they are obviously not as great as one would lead you to believe.

Some people chose to be offended by the headline and voiced their frustrations on Twitter. Others focused on the fact that Obama had a White mother, so he is technically half-Black. In general, everybody took the headline and made another debate out of it because, America.

Take a look at wide range of emotion that simply being Black or saying the word Black can draw out of people.

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