20. Lil Jon

The crunk rock rapper is still riding high on the success of his Crunk movement coming in at $5 million. He’s also most recently been working  with pop Hip-Hop group LMFAO whose hit single “Shots” helped him make the cut for Forbes’ list.

18. T Pain (Tie)

T Pain made the list at $6 million. The autotuned Floridian’s “I Am T-Pain” app and various hit singles can be linked to his growing pockets despite Jay-Z’s calls for a close to his career.

18. Soulja Boy (Tie)

Soulja Boy, the 20-year-old rap sensation like his upcoming book was indeed a “Teenage Millionaire.” The “Crank That” emcee comes in at number 18 with a reported networth of $6 million linked to his seven weeks on top of the Billboard charts with his debut single and various SODMG ventures.

17. Common

Chicago emcee Common is worth an estimated $7 million. His moves outside of rap including various acting roles have all added to his wealth. Add in sponsorship deals with Zune and Lincoln Navigator and Common’s income continues to rise.

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