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Kodak Black is wasting no time in reminding people of what they were missing while he was locked away. The occasionally-delusional rapper says that he, not Lil Wayne, is the “biggest f*cking rapper alive.”

The above tweet was sent late Sunday night when many of us were either watching football or getting in bed to wake up for work this morning. It is obviously in reference to Lil Wayne’s bold 2004 proclamation that he was the “best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired.” Reminder, this was said back in 2004 when Wayne was arguably one of the best rappers walking and Jay Z was vowing to retire.

Fast forward to 2016, Lil Wayne is rarely mentioned among the greats. Granted, he is still considered influential for discovering Drake and Nicki Minaj, being Young Thug‘s main source of inspiration and apparently being one of Kendrick Lamar’s favorite rappers. But nowadays Wayne’s creative output is not on the same level as it was in years past. So, really, even Wanye himself isn’t the “best rapper alive” right now.

Nonetheless, that’s not stopping Black from putting himself in some elite company and drawing side-eyes from Hip-Hop fans as a result. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, Black has also said he feels that he is better than both Tupac and Biggie. At least this time he actually did compare himself to a rapper that is indeed alive.

Check out how people are responding to Black’s claims.

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