Here’s another reason why Kanye West‘s mental state is on the fritz. Come to find out, that story he told on “Real Friends” about being extorted by family is true.

At the end of the song on his The Life Of Pablo album, Kanye talks about a cousin of his who stole his laptop, which he had to pay $250,000 just to get it back from him.

His words exactly were:

I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was f*ckin’ b*tches on

Paid that n*gga 250 thousand just to get it from him

Real friends


The story sounded far-fetched since it seemed to come from out of nowhere. Plus, it’s just entertainment, right? Wrong, it really happened.

Another one of Kanye’s cousins, Lawrence Franklin, confirmed the ordeal with Daily Mail. His version is slightly different though. Franklin says that the computer was not stolen, but rather given as a gift in 2012 right around the time Kanye started dating his future wife Kim Kardashian. But, when that cousin started using the computer, he discovered a sex tape of Kanye with a “fair-skinned Black woman.” Instead of deleting it or even alerting West of his discovery, showed the tape to other family members. After that he opted to call an old friend who happened to be a lawyer and find a way to cash in.

Franklin says:

“He put together a small team him and his attorney went after Kanye, and to show that they meant business they leaked a little information publicly to let it be known they indeed had the footage.

‘The family member tried to keep a low profile but it was not long before Kanye’s team learned who it was that had the sex tape.”

Franklin says that the cousin got numerous offers for the tape including one from a porn website. Franklin adds that Kanye was adamant about the tape not getting released because the woman in the video was neither Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian. After some legal wrangling back and forth, Kanye eventually ponied up $250,000 to get his computer back. Franklin says the newly-paid cousin went on to live the lifestyle he always wanted while Kanye began to cut off his family.

Franklin says that this incident, his mother Donda West’s death in 2007 and ultimately his marriage into the Kardashian family are the leading factors into his mental breakdown.

He says:

“I feel that kind of behavior happens when you have no one to turn to, you can’t trust your friends and you have no one to talk to.

For the most part I don’t look at the Kardashians as real people.

Kanye comes from a very family-orientated environment with roots and African American family lifestyle – you know family reunions with food and things like that.

The Kardashians are the complete opposite of what’s familiar in our community.

So it’s kind of weird for him and I can understand there’s no way for him to release that.”

In other parts of the interview Franklin says that Donda would not have approved of Kanye’s relationship with Kardashian. Read it for yourself here.