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An advertisement from State Farm for its #ProtectTheBling marketing campaign features an interracial couple getting engaged. The ad inspired an emotional response on Twitter, with racist trolls slinging about hateful words instead of moving on to bigger issues.

State Farm’s Twitter account posted an image of a kneeling Black man proposing to a blonde white woman on Wednesday (Dec. 21), who is clearly excited about receiving the rock. While the photo celebrates love and engagements, the trolls took the photo as an affront to the purity of white America.

“Give your head a shake, what the hell is this? no doubt State Farm is a Jew run op,” is one of the responses that turned heads. The vitriol continued in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve but instead of finding peace within themselves and moving on, the trolls ramped up their unneeded critique of the ad.

If you must, we’ve collected some of the responses to State Farm’s #ProtectTheBling ad. We’ll share both sides of the debate.

Photo: State Farm

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