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The internet thought it heard Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook yell “Thanks Kyrie” after hitting a shot at practice. He let a reporter know that was not the case.

Just moments after Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving hit a game-winning shot against the Golden State Warriors in their epic Christmas day game, video surfaced of Westbrook hitting a shot in practice and running off the court. He is heard yelling “thanks” and many thought it was followed by “Kyrie.” After that people assumed that he was taking a dig at his former teammate Kevin Durant who now plays for the Warriors.

Of course, this makes no sense, so when Westbrook was asked by a reporter if he wanted to explain or clear up what he meant, he responded accordingly.

Before informing the reporter that he said “Thanks Jayme,” who is the team trainer’s daughter who was standing on the sideline, Russ hit him with a “f*ck I look like.” He went on to inform him that he would never say another man’s name like that.

It’s not absolutely wrong to assume that Westbrook was trolling Durant. He’s been throwing sumbliminals at him ever since he left the team this past summer. He came to their first game against each other wearing an “Official Photographer” vest mocking Durant’s hobby.

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