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Soulja Boy has been on one as of late. But he says he’s cutting the BS now because his mom is in the hospital.

Soulja Boy has been out here in these internet streets like a one man gang. Over the last couple of months he has sent shots at Migos, Lil Yachty and Chris Brown. After brandishing weapons in one of his online threats, Soulja was nabbed for violating his probation. On top of that, we’ve been getting treated to his highly questionable shootout diary that comedians and Twitter jokesters have been feasting on.

But, Soulja took things a little too far earlier this week when he was almost jumped by some local gang members when he went into their hood trying to show how hard he was.

Today, Soulja got another reality check when he found out his mother was in the hospital. The news rattled him to his core and caused him to post a “PSA” to his Twitter account announcing that he is squashing all of his current beefs and focusing on his music career again.

As he said, he mother should be alright, thank God. But, do you think this video is genuine or just the latest showing of his bizarre and possibly drug-induced behavior?

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