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The “King Of The South” delivers some powerful words on Martin Luther King Day.

T.I. was at home enjoying the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday like the rest of us. Until he saw that King’s eldest son, Martin Luther King III aka MLK3 took a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump at the Trump Tower. Trump did not address media or talk about the meeting, but he did make sure that cameras were on hand to capture the both of them shaking hands. King III told the New York Times that the meeting was “constructive.”

After seeing that MLK3 was the latest prominent African-American figure to take a meeting with Trump, on the King holiday at that, this prompted T.I. to not only call out King III, but Kanye West, Ray Lewis, Jim Brown and Steve Harvey as well.

To let T.I. tell it, the meetings are all a part of a Willie Lynch “divide and conquer” scheme being put into action by the Trump administration.

“Do not accept any invitation to have any meetings, no matter how positive you think the outcome may be,” he warns. He goes on to advise Black celebrities against any further meetings with Trump unless they have a clear cut strategy or are accompanied by someone like Rep. John Lewis. If not, T.I. feels that it’s simply a photo op.


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