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When word got out that Nicki Minaj got robbed, and that it may have been an inside job, plenty of people starting to look at Meek Mill as a suspect. But, the Philly rapper insists he had nothing to do with the crime.

TMZ asked Meek about it, and the “Amen” rapper proceeded to show off his expensive jewelry as evidence of his innocence.

Reports TMZ:

Meek Mill scoffed at those who think he’s behind the Nicki Minaj burglary, and he says the exculpatory evidence is around his neck.

We got Meek at Life nightclub in Houston Friday and he showed us his massively expensive bling, followed up with a rhetorical question … why would I need to rob Nicki?

Is this enough proof for the Internet to leave Meek Mill alone?

Probably not.