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Chrissy Teigen gave a little show of her own during the New England Patriots’ stunning win over the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl LI. While sitting in a viewing box alongside her husband, John Legend, the model had a bit of wardrobe malfunction leading to an inadvertent slip of the nipple.

As the cameras scanned the press and media boxes for celebrity sightings, Teigen and Legend were seemingly enjoying the game. However, a very focused Twitter user by the name of @chuckupthedusse managed to zero in on Teigen’s sheer top and the bare situation underneath. After posting a seven-second clip of the slip to Twitter, the video made its usual rounds but didn’t quite garner the controversy one would expect.

Teigen, who is probably one of Twitter’s most lively and engaging personalities, laughed off the nipple gaffe with some of her usual wit.

“[B]oom goes the dynamite,” read Teigen’s response to the video which was retweeted well over 5,000 times. The NFL hasn’t addressed the matter and looks largely to be a non-issue. And thanks to Chuck Will’s quick eyes and DVR skills, much of the world would have remained in the dark about how Teigen’s boobs look naked.

But if you’ve been keeping score, Teigen’s not shy about showing off the goods as evidenced here.

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Photo: screen cap/twitter

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