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Breitbart, the conservative news website formerly ran by Donald Trump crony Steve Bannon, wrote a report that the president’s tweet blasting Nordstrom is tanking the company’s stock. However, since the retailer parted ways with Trump’s daughter and her clothing line, stock prices are actually surging.

Breitbart exclusively reported that Nordstrom and its decision to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line in its stores was a hasty decision from the company. Nordstrom claims it cut ties with Ms. Trump’s brand because it was underperforming and not making a political statement against her father. The publication adds that President Trump’s online blasting of Nordstrom has been devastating to its bottom line.

Not so fast, writes Raw Story:

The piece, which alleges that Nordstrom really is stopping sales of Trump’s clothing due to political reasons, falsely claims that President Trump’s tweet attacking the retailer on Wednesday wreaked havoc on the company’s share price.

“In response to Trump’s tweet — and the ongoing boycott of Nordstrom’s for the company’s political decision to cut Ivanka Trump’s line — Nordstrom’s stock tumbled on Wednesday,” the report claims.

Although there was a brief dip on Nordstrom shares on Wednesday, the company’s stock actually closed up by 4 percent on the day, as shares quickly recovered from Trump’s purportedly devastating tweet.

And on Thursday, Nordstrom stock is continuing to rise, sitting now at over $46 per share and rising which is better than two dollars than it was yesterday.