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Last night during a Knicks game, there was plenty of passion and fire, but it wasn’t from any player on the court. Charles Oakley was unceremoniously kicked out of Madison Square Garden, and current players are coming to his defense. 

Today as more details are being revealed as to what led to the confrontation, plenty of current NBA players are coming to the Triple OG’s defense.

Many point to Oak’s treatment not only by security but by the organization itself as an issue of contention. Like, why after holding down the Knicks for a decade, and being one of its most well-liked players, would Oakley ever have to pay for a ticket to a game? And why is he even treated this way?

Ask Knicks owner Jim Dolan next time you see him.

Peep what players like LeBron James, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade had to say below and on the flip.


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