The New York Knicks legend will be part of the 29th season for the long-running celebrity dance competition series.

The saga between Knicks legend, Charles Oakley, and disgraced current New York Knickerbocker owner, James Dolan, is far from over. A judge is hoping some mediation will help bring the situation to a close.

Charles Oakley was one of the top enforcers in the NBA and was a force alongside the Patrick Ewing-led New York Knicks but it doesn’t look like the pair are friends. When asked if Ewing would be a good fit as a head coach for the Knicks after the recently-departed David Fizdale, Oak doesn’t think […]


Charles Oakley has pled no contest to disorderly conduct in the casino incident in which he was caught cheating three times. Fortunately, he won’t see a day in jail as his attorneys were able to cut a deal in which the felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor and as well as a punishment in […]

Charles Oakley tried to pull the jig and got caught, allegedly. The former NBA star was arrested at a Las Vegas casino for allegedly cheating. 


Months after being publicly embarrassed by Knicks owner James Dolan by being manhandled out of Madison Square Garden, ex-Knicks enforcer Charles Oakley has decided to file a lawsuit against the embattled club owner/struggle blues bander.

The Knicks have at least one more year where they definitely will not flourish. Beloved former player Charles Oakley has agreed to a one-year ban from Madison Square Garden in order to see charges against him dropped. 

The latest chapter in the Charles Oakley versus New York Knicks owner James Dolan has opened.

Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley are still the best of friends. His Airness finagled a sit down with Oak and Knicks owner James Dolan that included NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. 

The aftermath of Charles Oakley getting unceremoniously booted from a Knicks game involves plenty of finger pointing and even the firing of the head of security. Unfortunately, it also includes team owner James Dolan banning Charles Oakley from Madison Square Garden. 

Last night during a Knicks game, there was plenty of passion and fire, but it wasn’t from any player on the court. Charles Oakley was unceremoniously kicked out of Madison Square Garden, and current players are coming to his defense. 

New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan is persona non grata in NYC. He is about to be even more hated since Knicks legend Charles Oakley got into an altercation with security in the first quarter of tonight’s game, leading to his getting kicked out of Madison Square Garden by security.