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Jeff Teague, a former NBA player, has embarked on a new career as a broadcaster unbeknownst to those outside of his current audience. Now a host of the Club 520 podcast, Jeff Teague and his expert command of storytelling is on full display and he shared a hilarious Charles Oakley story that we’re still processing.

Teague, 35, left the league after a stint as a member of the 2020-21 Milwaukee Bucks, winning a championship in the process. With Club 520, now in its second season, Teague and his co-hosts Brandon Hendricks and DJ Wells cover basketball as expected but also pop culture points as well. The trio got into a spirited debate about Drake and Michael Jackson, with Teague calling the Canadian superstar a better vocalist than the late King of Pop.

However, the moment in the current episode of Club 520 that had fans talking was the Oakley tale. During Teague’s rookie season with the Atlanta Hawks, he was paired up with former NBA big man Tyrone Hill for training. Teague then explains that former NBA player Duane Farrell came into the gym and alerted him that Hill owed Oakley some money.

True to the legend that is Oakley, Teague says Oak began flinging basketballs with pinpoint accuracy towards Hill, demanding his overdue funds. Trust us, the way we’re telling it here isn’t as funny as hearing Teague’s version.

Check out the Club 520 podcast below and hop to the 30:00-minute mark. We encourage readers to watch the entire episode as it’s great content on its own.

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