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In this digital day and age anything from a catchy “Cash me ousside” phrase to an epic fail online can make anyone an overnight star.

That must’ve been the mindset of Key Jonta Foster a.k.a. Majesty Da Rebel when he ran up on TV reporter, CeFaan Kim during a live broadcast on ABC-7 in an effort to promote his struggle music career.

While Kim was reporting live from the Lower East Side, a hockey masked Foster crashed the segment screaming “Check out my video! Majesty Da Rebel!” before getting into a scuffle with the feisty reporter on live TV.

Speaking to the New York Post the artist admitted that he knew the stunt would get him some much needed press but never had any intentions on getting physical with the TV journalist.

“The reason I did it was because I knew I’d get negative feedback from it,” Foster told The Post. “I can always flip that. I saw an opportunity and took the opportunity to promote my video and mixed tape. From the beginning, it was friendly — I put my arm around him, and then he pushed me, grabbed me.”

Unfortunately an innocent stunt has now turned into a possible charge as Kim has filed a police report, but Foster knows that this is part of the game when it comes to skin color.

“I’m not scared to deal with the consequences,” Foster said. “They’ll probably interrogate me, ask me what happened. White guys bomb video reporters all the time. A black man tries to get air time and then gets beat up by the reporter. I’m gonna do what I gotta do and seize an opportunity.”

Well, we guess you only live once. We’ll just say everyone should think twice before doing anything that may compromise your freedom.

Photo: screen cap