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Chance The Rapper has been the poster child for free, independent music. But people are suspecting that he’s signed to Apple Music, which he denies.

When Chance The Rapper’s breakthrough album Coloring Book debuted as an Apple Music exclusive last summer, people assumed and even accused him of going against his independent music crusade by signing with one of the richest companies in the world.

But, the album was only exclusive for two weeks before it became available on other streaming outlets including Soundcloud, Spotify and TIDAL. With rumors of him not being 100% independent growing by the second, Chance is finally addressing the rocks getting thrown at his throne.

Earlier today, Chance spoke on his situation is a series of tweets. He revealed that Apple paid him $500,000 dollars to have exclusive streaming rights for the album for two weeks. To sweeten the deal they also produced a commercial promoting the album. But after that, the deal was done and they parted ways.


Chance has found himself on the defensive a lot lately. Earlier this month he had to G-check the Chicago Sun-Times for running an article about his child custody hearings.