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Infamous wannabe Black woman Rachel Dolezal says that she was “too Black” for her Black husband. This revelation comes in her new book, In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World

The book details her struggle with her desire to be Black, despite being Caucasian and being raised in Montana. Apparently, Dolezal got her first glimpse of Blackness from National Geographic, and it was on from there.


The New York Post reports:

See, she’d read her grandmother’s National Geographic magazines. So she knew about blackness.

“I’d stir the water from the hose into the earth … and make thin, soupy mud, which I would then rub on my hands, arms, feet, and legs,” Dolezal writes.

“I would pretend to be a dark-skinned princess in the Sahara Desert or one of the Bantu women living in the Congo … imagining I was a different person living in a different place was one of the few ways … that I could escape the oppressive environment I was raised in.”

She was so poor, she wore dog-fur clothing and played ball with freshly butchered chicken heads, she writes.

This is all coming from a woman who lied about being Black, so keep that in mind.

As for the whole too Black for her Black husband struggle.

Ironically, her new black husband, whom she met in Mississippi, wanted her to look as white as possible.

She said re-crossing the color line was as easy as “untwisting my braids” and “staying out of the sun,” so at her husband’s request, she did just that, quietly turning back into a white woman.

She eventually left her husband and moved in with an uncle in a lake town in Idaho.

During that time, she was diagnosed with PTSD, explored her bisexuality and “once again embraced my inclination toward Black aesthetics.”

Well, at least she had the option.

And that’s why she gets no love around these parts. Be proud of your whiteness and kick rocks, Rachel.

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