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T.I. has been pretty active and open on social media this afternoon. The Atlanta rapper has been boldy responding to comments about his divorce struggle on Instagram.

Celebrity divorces are always a trainwreck to watch, but T.I. has been handling the very public and possible divorce from his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris pretty well. When radio personalities ask about it, he tells them “mind their damn business.” Now when people come for him on social media, he hits them right back.

The latest example came earlier today where people began leaving snarky comments on one of his posts. T.I., who has been very “woke” as of late was attempting to spark a conversation about how the government is being run right now.


But what he got was some unwarranted commentary on his private life. A comment comedian came through and dropped a vocabulary word of their own, “alimony.” To which T.I. insisted he wasn’t tripping off of.


But T.I. wasn’t finished entertaining his guest. When another person left a disparaging comment about Tiny, T.I. did not check them as many would expect. Instead, he did what is now considered the equivalent of co-signing a statement online. He “liked” it.


The Harris’ Instagram activity has caused much chatter in the last couple of weeks. Similar to T.I.’s active participation in the Instagram comments, Tiny gave her two cents about his relationship with suspected side chick Bernice Burgos.


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