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Bernice Burgos is fine. Okay, we got that out of the way. The curvy model’s name has been on everyone’s lips since Tiny Harris accused her of being estranged husband T.I.‘s side chick but Burgos set the record straight in a series of brief videos.

Burgos, who hails from the Bronx, was romantically linked in the past to Drake and has one of the more popular Instagram pages out there. Last Friday, Tiny threw a verbal shot at Burgos after fans noticed the model leaving a flirty emoticon on a photo of a shirtless T.I.

Tiny’s response of that she’s not “losing sleep over no pass around b*tch” got the Internets naturally abuzz with not a peep from Burgos until now.

In the series of what appears to be Snapchat clips, Burgos clarified that she and T.I. are nothing more than friends and that she would never be a side chick for anyone. Clearly annoyed that she had to respond to the chatter, Burgos kept the videos coming and got petty with it after showing off her allegedly 40-year-old body (online sites put her at 36 but who’s really counting?).

Check out Bernice Burgos addressing Tiny Harris’ “pass around b*tch” jab in the video below.

Photo: Instagram

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