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It was reported last week that Kodak Black was on the cusp of spending the next 8 years on an iron vacation, and last Friday (April 21) Broward Circuit Judge Michael Lynch was listening to testimony on whether or not he should go through with the sentencing.

Kodak’s been on probation since August of 2016 but was allowed to work and perform so long as he got the greenlight fro his PO. Unfortunately the Florida rapper violated his probation in February when he allegedly laid hands on a bartender at the Club Climaxx strip club in his home state.

Which brings us to the Friday proceedings in which the “Tunnel Vision” rapper tried his best not to incriminate himself while under the questioning of prosecutor Meredith Hough. His accuser and her co-worker offered conflicting stories as to what happened the night of the incident.

SunSentinal reports:

When Hough tried to question him about whether he visited the strip club, Octave tried to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. But Lynch ordered him to answer the question, and Octave admitted to being there.

Hough was not allowed to question Octave about his alleged assault of a bartender during his visit. Earlier on Friday, the bartender, Jennifer Cunningham, wrapped up her testimony, with defense lawyer Gary Kollin getting her to discuss the possibility of her filing a civil suit against Octave.

And after Octave testified, another bartender working the night of Octave’s visit said she never saw him lay a hand on her colleague.

Tonya Durham said Cunningham was not being truthful about her encounter with Octave. “She said, ‘You probably didn’t see it, but he mushed my face,’” Durham said, recalling a conversation with Cunningham the next morning. “I said ‘no, he didn’t.’ None of that happened.”

As troubling as those accusations seem, in another more recent incident, Kodak might’ve sealed his fate by seemingly giving zero f*cks about the courts orders.

Lynch also heard Friday from Ramona Sanchez, Octave’s anger management counselor, who accused him of intentionally disrupting a court-ordered group session earlier this year by repeatedly burping.

Sanchez said she asked him to leave, but he refused. She later threatened to call 911, and he responded by grabbing her phone and her wrist.

Zamren asked Sanchez whether she knew of Octave suffering from any medical condition that would cause uncontrolled burping. She said she didn’t know.

Zamren also pointed out that Sanchez did not want to throw Octave out of her program, recommending an individual therapy instead of a group setting for Octave. A supervisor removed Octave from the program, which defense lawyers are portraying as beyond Octave’s control.

Yeah, that last incident might just be the nail in the coffin.

The hearing is set to continue and maybe even conclude on Wednesday and should the judge rule in Black’s favor, we can only hope that Kodak will finally see the bigger picture and clean up his act.

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