Since dropping his latest album DAMN. a few weeks ago, Kendrick Lamar has been garnering applause and blown kisses from critics and fans alike. Even his rap peers are giving him his just due for his latest offering, including The Game.

“This album is DOPE AS F*CK blood !!!,” wrote the fellow Compton rapper on Instagram.

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From me to whoever THE FUCK is concerned…… this album is a DOPE AS FUCK blood !!! & it's the Lil homie's 3rd LP…. if you are a true fan of HIP HOP, then you have it memorized by now !!! If you are a hip hop fan & you do not have @kendricklamar shit by now…… FUCK YOU, that's on Compton, Bompton & my hood & my kids…. my lil nigga raw as fuck & it been that way…. Dot I'm proud of you blood, Top.. you know what it is wit OG CHUCK homie….. I studied the album & im proud of this shit my nigga !!! K-Dot, you know where we from & what it took for niggas like us to not only make it out the HUB alive but to achieve greatness on the same accord is nothing short of a blessing….. this shit got me beyond motivated.. glad REAL RAP still exist…. no disrespect to you sucka niggas… but fuck y'all, you can't rap & ya mama know you ain't shit….. this COMPTON Shit ain't never been for play… I brought @DrDre back to the hood & showed him what is was on Cedar Block….. "WESTSIDE STORY" coming soon…… ✌🏾 #PacWouldBeProud #CaliforniaLove #WaitTiliGetOffHouseArrest #TheSummerIsMine #LosAngelesKing #ifYoureOffendedEatADick #illBeHumbleAnotherDay #ThugLife #TheBlackWallstreet #BloodMoney #HurricaneHasSpoken

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That’s a mouthful.

K. Dot’s latest album has entered him into many a Top 5 Dead Or Alive conversation while others simply say that he’s the best rapper in the game right now, bar none (sorry Drizzy).

While Chuck Taylor does have some history with Kendrick, Kung Fu Kenny should feel good about still getting support from his friendly neighborhood gangbanger because The Game can be as cold with his Compton peers as he can be cool.

Just ask Guerilla Black.

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