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While the world is keeping an eye on the loose lips of Cheeto Jesus, another section of the globe, and those able to multitask, are laughing at a torrent of romper memes. It’s all thanks to a brand trying to make the male romper (aka the RompHim) the new wave. 

As with anything, Twitter came ready for slander. Also being delivered are plenty of jokes, women feeling threatened by XY’s in their usual attire and women open to seeing a dude rock their gear—go figure.

Interestingly, a lot of jokes are about women turning the tables and cat calling dudes rocking attire they last wore when they were infants.

By the looks of your timelines, this may go on for a while. Check out the best so far below and on the following pages.

The tables have turned, for some of y’all. SMH.

Photo: screen cap

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