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T-Pain gave the world the album they thought they wanted back in 2009 by leaking his collaborative project with Lil Wayne.

Eight years ago T-Pain and Lil Wayne were two of the most in-demand artists in Hip-Hop and pop music. Seemed like every time they uttered anything on a beat it wound up getting played on the radio 24/7. With both of them being at their pinnacle at the time, each wanted to push the boundaries of the creativity by trying new sounds. T-Pain wanted to prove that he could actually rap and Wayne wanted to show that he could actually “sing.” So when the two of them revealed that they had several songs together doing just that, people demanded an album from them.

The album did get made, but it never dropped. Now, in 2017 after both of them have seen their best days, T-Pain finally decided to put the project out for free on Soundcloud.

He hinted at it earlier this week on Twitter.

T-Pain followed up on his threats and dropped the project on Soundcloud.

The album sounds exactly like what you would expect from these two in 2009, which also means it sounds like a precursor to everything that is popular now. Sounds strange to say now, but in hindsight, T-Wayne might have been ahead of their time. Everything they are doing here with autotune and rap-singing, sounds like what the Young Thug’s of the world have latched on to and now depend on.

The project also reminds of a time where artists dared to have different types of production on the same project instead of trying to set a “vibe” for an entire album. Much of it is done by Tha Bizness who were known for their wide-range of sounds that included Jeezy’s “My President Is Black” and Young Money’s “Every Girl.” So, it becomes retroactively refreshing to hear beats that aren’t syrupy and trappy.

Check it out for yourself below.