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Apparently, East Harlem residents can cop Big Macs for the low thanks to a shifty delivery driver. Allegedly $20,000 in McDonald’s hamburgers, McNuggets, fries and apple pies were unloaded to a local deli.

Reported DNAInfo:

Kojo Lockhart, 43, an employee of delivery and distribution company Martin Brower, is wanted for the May 2 fast-food caper, in which he diverted the frozen products to the J&D Deli at 2336 First Ave., according to the NYPD.

He also hawked sausage, bacon, cheese, hot cakes, eggs, ketchup, butter and sugar to the bodega, police said.

A worker at the deli said he had no knowledge of the heist, claiming the owner was not in the store during a visit by DNAinfo on Wednesday.

Martin Brower has a “50-year relationship with McDonald’s,” according to its company website. The delivery company has 19 distribution centers in the United States and Puerto Rico, including one upstate in Harriman, the site noted.

“Martin Brower is aware of the incident involving a former employee and alleged theft of customer merchandise,” a Martin Brower spokeswoman said in a statement. “Once we learned of this incident, we immediately terminated the employee for cause and continue to work closely with law enforcement during its investigation.”

Also included in the haul were condiments including ketchup, butter and sugar. Of course, the bodega pled ignorance of the entire transaction.

Ironically McDonald’s has recently unveiled a Chicken Big Mac currently only available in Australia. If the scammers can get them past customs, NYC just might have limited edition “Mickey D’s” on the block.

Photo: McDonald’s