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The Xbox One X is here. On Sunday (June 11), Microsoft introduced to the gaming world its latest addition to the Xbox One console family.

Xbox fans have been on edge since Microsoft first teased “Project Scorpio” (rumored name) at E3 last year by sharing just a glimpse of the new hardware.

Microsoft looks to take the lead in the 4kKgaming world with what they are calling the smallest and ‘most powerful console ever.’ The claim doesn’t look to be that farfetched as the system is significantly more powerful than Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro and can run some games at an amazing 4k/60 frames per second.

So how much will this bad boy run you?

Well for a smooth $499.99 you can step into the world of 4K gaming which is pretty expensive. Also keep in mind most people don’t own a 4K television. So it’s quite understandable if gamers are immediately wondering if they should even pony up the dough for the Xbox One X at all.

What’s under the hood that makes Xbox One X so powerful?:

1 TB of memory

6 Teraflop GPU

4K Resolution

12gb of GDDr5

Backward Compatible

Custom Scorpio GPU

Ultra HD Blu-Ray for 4k Movies

Liquid-cooled vapour-chamber to keep it cool.

What helps sell every console, of course, is the games that are coming with it and Microsoft is boasting a strong 22 “console launch exclusives.” Leading the way will be the next installment in its popular racing series Forza Motorsport 7 which looked flawless running at a native 4K and 60 fps.

Get a glimpse for yourself below:

Other titles launching with the console include Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves other big games revealed were Metro Exodus, PC gaming favorites making their console debuts Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and State of Decay 2 and Assassin’s Creed Origins which will take place in Ancient Egypt. What seemed to really excite attendees and gamers was the announcement that Xbox One X will be able to play original Xbox titles starting with the fan favorite Crimson Skies.

As for older Xbox One titles such as Gears of War 4 , Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2 and Minecraft will be updated to 4K free of charge!

The Xbox One X debuts worldwide on November 7, will you be ordering one or nah?

Photo: Microsoft