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Attorney General and blatant Donald Trump flunkie Jeff Sessions was the subject of a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing today (June 13). He spent most of his time tap dancing around questions, but California Senator Kamala Harris was not having it, and he even said she made him nervous. 

Reports Crooks & Liars:

Sessions was clearly withering under her rapid-fire questioning and refusal to allow him to filibuster her time away.

“Did you have any communications with Russian officials for any reason during the campaign that have not been disclosed in public or to this committee,” Harris asked.

(Hint: That’s a Yes or No question, right?)

Sessions ducked: “I don’t recall it. But I have to tell you, I cannot testify to what was said as we were standing at the Republican Convention before the podium where I spoke.”

Uh, what question was he answering there? Surely not the one she asked so she tried again. Same question, simple words, different targets. “Did you have any communication with any Russian businessmen or any Russian nationals?”

Sessions seemed to be able to answer that, with some qualification, mostly that he didn’t believe he did.

As she went to ask another question, he interrupted her with more qualifications. There were a lot of people at the convention, he said. It’s “conceivable”!

Losing patience with Sessions filibuster, Harris persisted, pressing into her next question, but Sessions was not finished.

“If I don’t qualify it, you’ll accuse me of lying,” he whined. “I’m trying to be as correct as I can.”

He added a complaint: I don’t like to be rushed this fast. It makes me nervous”

Aww, the poor guy was nervous? What’s there to be nervous about if you’re telling the truth, right?

Senator John McCain also tried to interrupt her again, but he got curved.

Kamala Harris doesn’t play. Remember her name.

See her put Jim Crow Sessions in the hot seat below.

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