Over the weekend, many on the right took issue with Harris wishing Americans an enjoyable holiday weekend.

Last week, a writer for the infamous tabloid resigned after she was forced to write a false story regarding Vice President Kamala Harris.

This week our country witnessed history in the form of the George Floyd murder trial. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have confirmed there is more work to be done.

According to Page Six, after publishing and releasing the abysmal cover of the Vice-President dressed for the campaign trail wearing converse and dressed casual, the iconic fashion publication has announced that they will be re-releasing the issue as a special edition with a new cover after facing backlash from supporters over the lack of professionalism with the original.

Even before his inauguration this afternoon, President-elect Joe Biden is putting in work. Today’s Inauguration should be history making on multiple levels.

In just a few days, Donald Trump will be out of the White House. The country will begin healing as President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris takeover, to celebrate there is a playlist full of jams to mark the occasion.

On Sunday (Jan 10), Vogue released the official cover for the February issue, after the preview was leaked the night before, that features Harris gracing the cover and fans were unimpressed after the image revealed a campaign trail dressed image of the VP with pink material haphazardly cast in the background, complete with Harris donning Converse.

You know we are truly in the upside-down when the New York Post has had enough of Donald Trump.

According to published reports, President-elect Joe Biden is considering the former senior adviser for the Biden-Harris campaign for the position of White House Press Secretary. 

After the historic turnout for both groups during the 2020 Presidential Election, both Black and Brown women have taken notice of their political influence and intend to spark change. While the revolution is, in theory, going forward without the overt assistance of white women, many will be involved because of their sheer numbers, but overall the last two elections have proven that Black and Brown women have a voice loud enough to march on its own.

On Monday (Nov 9), the new Vice-President-elect took to Twitter to share a special message for Black women, who once again saved the election with their overwhelming support at the polls, noting that the significant win "couldn't have happened" without Black women's diligence.

In the grueling days after Election Day, to the victor, President-Elect Joe Biden, goes the spoils.