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Twitter Reacts To The NY Post Telling Donald Trump To Finally Concede

Source: BRYAN R. SMITH / Getty

You know we are truly in the upside-down when the New York Post has had enough of Donald Trump.

Current lame-duck President Donald Trump refuses to accept reality and the fact that over 80 million Americans handed him his pink slip specifically due to his piss-poor job when it comes to handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Even his allies have concluded that Donald Trump lost the presidential election, specifically the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post, which today (Dec.28) told Trump the jig is up.

Trump has been stewing and wallowing in conspiracy theories in the White House and on his golf course since Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and mail-in voting whooped his orange ass. The liar-in-chief has been claiming that the election was “rigged” and fraught with non-existent massive accounts of “voter fraud,” all claims debunked numerous times. The New York Post has seen enough and on Monday’s edition of the paper has told its favorite president to give it up, and do the country a solid and concede surprising the country.

The NY Post’s editorial board called out Donny’s bootleg “coup,” pointing to his numerous failed attempts to have the election results overturned in court, and even singled out his tired legal team who won’t tell Trump it’s a wrap.

“You had every right to investigate the election. But let’s be clear: Those efforts have found nothing. To take just two examples: Your campaign paid $3 million for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, and you lost by 87 more votes. Georgia did two recounts of the state, each time affirming Biden’s win. These ballots were counted by hand, which alone debunks the claims of a Venezuelan vote-manipulating Kraken conspiracy. Sidney Powell is a crazy person. Michael Flynn suggesting martial law is tantamount to treason. It is shameful.”

The New York Post editorial board urges the president to stop the madness and instead refocus his energy on Atlanta’s upcoming runoff election, which will determine who will control the senate. Trump’s claims of voter fraud have caused infighting within the Republican party, with his most loyal followers fighting with other Republicans claiming they are not doing enough to help agent orange. Some of his surrogates were telling voters not to give their votes to Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue cause they felt the two senators were doing a piss poor of kissing Trump’s a**.

“Securing the Senate means securing your legacy. You should use your considerable charm and influence to support the Georgia candidates, mobilizing your voters for them. Focus on their success, not your own grievances, as we head into the final week. If you insist on spending your final days in office threatening to burn it all down, that will be how you are remembered. Not as a revolutionary, but as the anarchist holding the match.”

We honestly love to see it, and we hope they listen to those idiots becuase we want Jon Ossof and Reverend Raphael Warnock to win, of course.

You can peep more reactions to the Post clowning Trump in the gallery below.

Photo: BRYAN R. SMITH / Getty

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