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At one point in time, Jimmy Henchmen was one of the most respected music executives in the music industry. Currently serving six life sentences, the former talent manager speaks from jail to discuss his beef with G-Unit, Chris Lighty and more.

In a lengthy interview with Complex, Rosemond remains adamant regarding his innocence. But since being linked to orchestrating the 1994 robbery / shooting of late great Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios, a charge he continues to deny, the would be mogul has had a vicious public reputation that continues to haunt him until this day. “I believe that I will walk out of here with all of the truth being told, instead of a lot of the half-truths that’s out there about me” he rationalized.

My history with Chris Lighty goes way beyond anything that had to do with 50. Chris Lighty was a guy that I would go to his home in New Jersey and eat food with. I even knew Chris Lighty’s mother. Just to show you what kind of relationship we had in the 90s. There was never no tension between us until this whole situation had blown over.
From the outside looking in it seems the major turning point in his problems with G-Unit was when Tony Yayo and Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher assaulted Rosemond’s son when they spotted him wearing a Czar Entertainment t-shirt in 2007. Jimmy finally discusses the incident in great detail:
“When my son told me I had to triple check to make sure what he was telling me was correct. The first thing I did was run downstairs and the parking attendant, who witnessed the whole thing, told me that the guys had left. The instincts of a father when you hear that your child is assaulted or hurt… what happened put me in all kinds of emotional states. I was angry. I felt like it was unnecessary. I didn’t understand how children had gotten involved with [this rap beef].”
While he admits he did instruct his associates to bring him Fletcher, Henchmen insists that the murder was not a part of the plan.

“I never told anyone to kill the guy.” “When [a contact] told me he had a way to get to Lowell Fletcher, I asked if he could bring him to me. What these guys went ahead and did was ended up killing Lowell Fletcher, which was not what I asked them to do.”

Rosemond is currently awaiting a retrial for the murder-for-hire charges which is tentatively scheduled for November. Read the entire interview here.

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