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Twitter came with plenty of jokes after an iPhone allegedly made a brief appearance in the All Eyez On Me film based on Tupac’s life. In case you didn’t know already, ‘Pac died in 1996. iPhones came out in 2005. The alleged blip was first pointed out by 50 Cent and then by Instagram comedian DaQuan. No screenshots of the scene have popped up online because, for some reason, people are honoring the “no cell phone” rule for this movie and this movie alone. However, the alleged blip has caused fans to create “I Left When ‘Pac” memes clowning the iPhone as well as adding new technological advances and cultural events that have happened since he passed.

The jokes are the latest round of criticism that has marred the film since it was released this past weekend. 50 Cent called it “trash” and ‘Pac’s friend Jada Pinkett-Smith dragged it for inaccuracies pertaining to their relationship. Among the few supporters of the film have been Snoop Dogg and The Game who both got to see the movie before it went public.

The film has received mixed reviews at best and is getting far less praise than Straight Outta Compton which is now considered the benchmark for Hip-Hop biopics. Perhaps this film will end up following the same path as Tupac’s music, as in not being appreciated until years later.

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