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With their latest tribute to Prodigy, Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News’ Mark Arum and Fred Blankenship continue to rep for the culture.

We hate that this dynamic duo has to do this so often, but we appreciate their efforts. After honoring Phife Dawg when he passed away last year and then honoring Biggie on March 9 and  Tupac on his birthday, Arum and Blankenship are doing the same for Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

Crazy thing about it is that at this point, fans are expecting them to do this everytime a rapper dies or death anniversary comes around. Feeling the pressure Arum assured Hip-Hop heads that he would do his best to commemorate Prodigy, even though Mobb Deep didn’t have the most accessible lyrics.

Fortunately, Arum took on the challenge and nailed it. Sticklers will peep how he flubbed a bar from “Survival Of The Fittest,” but you try weaving Dunn language into a traffic report. It’s no easy task. Watch the tribute below.

Photo: Screenshot