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2 Chainz opened a pink trap house on a busy street in Atlanta to promote his new album and it is getting a lot of attention.

Howell Mill Road in Midtown Atlanta is one of the busiest streets in the city. So rappers buying billboards on the street to promote an album would is pretty standard. But this 2 Chainz we are talking about, and nothing is “standard” about him. The flamboyant rapper rented a house on the street, painted it pink and had the word “TRAP” put at the top to promote his album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. He hosted a private listening party for the album there before it dropped and has left it open for other events. But it’s not what’s inside that is getting the attention. Fans and passersby are starting to hold up traffic on the street, trying to take pictures or stopping to park in front of the house. Some people are even holding photo and video shoots at the location.

Just like his Street Execs studios around the corner, the house is starting to draw complaints from neighbors. Fox News 5 reports that business owners in the area are complaining about people using their parking spaces to go visit the trap house, chasing away customers in the process.

Since the house is a private property, there isn’t much that the police can do. But they have promised to “monitor” the situation.

“We will continue to monitor traffic in that area in an effort to mitigate any problems,” said the Atlanta Police Department via statement.

2 Chainz is relishing in the attention.

Unfortunately, the pink car that was parked out front has already been towed away after visitors began standing and stomping on it like idiots, resulting in the roof caving it. When 2 Chainz said “f*ck the roof” we’re sure that’s not what he meant.