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Shia LaBeouf went full racist, and it was all caught on video. So of course, he has apologized and said he’s pretty much a dope fiend, so please don’t be mad.

The actor was arrested for charges including public drunkenness and disorderly conduct in Savannah, GA, and he was taken to the local station.

This is where he went on a privilege-soaked tirade against the arresting officers. But LaBeouf then upped the struggle ante by throwing in racist jabs.

In one newly release clip, Shia came for a Black officer.

Says TMZ:

In newly released video, while Shia was being fingerprinted he looked at a black officer and said, “You’re going to hell, straight to hell, bro.”

A white cop questioned the drunk actor, and added … “That doesn’t mean he’s going to hell.” Shia responded, “It means a whole lot, bro.”

LaBeouf goes on to say he was arrested for being white. True story.

But but wait, there’s more. LaBeouf taunted a white officer by telling him his wife watches porn movies involving large black genitals. Again, true story, bro.

Right on cue, LaBeouf has apologized and says he is an addict who has hit bottom. No mention of rehab since he’s busy shooting a movie in Savannah, though.

We hope he gets the help he needs. Also, sober or lucid, he’s still a racist. So there’s that.