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Yes you read that headline correctly. 2 Chainz and Q-Tip have connected in the studio in an effort to curate something special for the self-proclaimed duffle bag boy’s next album.

It looks like the “Watch Out” rapper is switching gears post Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. In June he worked with Statik Selektah on “Smoke Break” and “Man of the Hour” which were sonically different from his usual offerings. In a recent interview with HOT 97, Chainz detailed going over to the Abstract’s house to discuss his vision for a soul infused trap effort.

“I went over to Q-Tip[‘s house last night] and let him hear the Statik records ’cause I want him to be more of like a curator of my next project. I just respect what he has done,” he said. “I told him, imagine a trappin’ ass Midnight Marauders.”

The odd couple pairing took Kamal off guard as well. “He was over there chopping and I’m like, ‘listen, load up a beat, bruh! It gon’ take you longer to do whatever you doin’ than it take me to do me,’” 2 Chainz recalled. “He was like, ‘I’m used to working with people that have’ — and I understand that. But it don’t take all day to nothing over here, jack.”

The two eventually found a middle ground with Q-Tip allegedly saying “bruh, these are real bars” after the Atlanta trap star played him some additional music. Chainz does not have any expected date for the album but did say it will be “well thought out” and “conceptual”.

Let’s hope this does see the light of day.

Photo: Instagram/@hairweavekiller