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No, it’s not the mid-90s and that headline is very much correct. The Fugees are back, this after Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex debuted a record featuring all three of the band members.

The record aired live Saturday evneing (July 15) and it sounds like they’re coming to show why they had big respect from MCs and fans alike with their 1996 classic album, The Score. Lauryn Hill opens up the song with lines that show why her pen remains one of the strongest ever.

“This is some dead right sh*t/Sometimes we fight sh*t/Some make up and write sh*t, spark and ignite sh*t,” Hill spits, surely referencing the crew’s public beef and feuds although they’ve worked together since their sophomore and final album.

Pras takes over the second verse, using part of the same pattern Hill used but went into his own style while flexing the strength his pockets a bit. Wyclef Jean anchors the verse with some tough bars and Hill returns to show off a bit of vocalization at the end just as she did between the other verses.

As of now, the title of the song is unknown nor is there any true announcement of a reunion for the New Jersey trio. For what it’s worth, the new track sounds fresh for 2017.

For what it’s worth, the new track sounds fresh and every MC on the track came with the hunger.

Check out the Fugees track below.

UPDATE: Ms. Lauryn Hill came through and crushed the buildings. The artist shared in a tweet that the song is not new.