Pras is finally speaking up regarding some charges he is facing. He denies being apart of a international financial conspiracy.

Pras has some more explaining to do. A company is alleging he finessed them after they gave him a loan for his music.

The Fugees reunion world tour was reportedly ground due to COVID-19 concerns. A new report says group member Pras Michel is in legal trouble.

Pras faces more charges from the federal government after an indictment this past Thursday in New York claims he was involved in illegally lobbying the former Trump presidential administration to drop a money-laundering investigation among other offenses.


He might sit ninety degrees underneath palm trees, but the Fugees rapper Pras Michel isn't going to be doing so without the proper protection these days as the Coronavirus runs rampant through society.

Pras’ financial struggles continue to get worse. He was recently booked for nonpayment of his court mandated payments for his son.

While the Fugees will be remembered as one of the greatest Hip-Hop groups of all time, a particular member not named Lauryn Hill or Wyclef Jean continues to be draped in struggle. Reportedly, Pras has failed to pay child support, despite evidence he has millions in assets.

Pras’s legal troubles seem to get worse month by month. He is now getting accused of cooking his personal books.

Pras is learning that the federal courts are the worst type of enemy to have. He is facing the fight of his life in order to have his money returned to him.

Pras made millions as a member of the Fugees but he is now in financial struggle to the point where he can’t pay a chunky child support bill. So, he hopes dropping a new album will help him get the money flowing again.

Former Fugees rapper Prakazrel “Pras” Michel finds himself in the middle of a $21 million campaign finance fraud case with international implications. According to the DOJ, Michel conspired with a Malaysian businessman regarding campaign contributions to former U.S. President Barack Obama

Pras Michel of Fugees fame was named in a money laundering scheme involving wanted fugitive Jho Low, but he’s urging the public to not take the current news as true. According to him, Pras believes the Justice Department is singling him out because of the color of this skin.