Trick Daddy is big mad at Meek Mill. In an Instagram rant, Trick has voided Meek’s “visa” and has essentially banned the Philly rapper from Miami.

Just let it go, we know and you know American citizens don’t really need visas—go with it.

The source of the “Nann” rapper’s grievances? Meek apparently took credit for having heavy influence on Miami cats in a recent interview with Ebro on Hot 97.

That didn’t go over too well with Tirck, who took to the ‘Gram to air out Meek.

“First of all, you need to know one motherf*cking thing…Miami n*ggas are not followers, not mini-mes and me toos,” said Trick. “We trendsetters. We cocaine selling, machine gun rooting tooting shooting fool ass n*ggas. And don’t use my city or my n*ggas for character references. I will not accept it, n*gga.”

Well damn. He wasn’t finished.

We cocaine cowboy n*gga. Ever since you lost yo girl, you been tripping,” said Trick. “Ever since you lost yo girl, you been tripping, n*gga! You better watch yo motherf*cking mouth. As a matter of fact, yo visa has expired, n*gga. Do not f*ck with me. Your visa has expired, nigga. And you owe me and my city an apology. I’ll be waiting. B*tch ass n*gga.”

But wait, Meek Mill said: “When you see people in Miami on the yachts now, that comes from the influence of Meek Mill.”

Oh word?

We suggest Meek reach 0ut to an OG and squash this before adding any gas to the fire. But first, peep the prerequisite Twitter reactions.

Photo: Instagram

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