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There is no doubt that Fat Joe tells captivating stories. Uncle Luke is now weighing in on his claim that he put on Trick Daddy and Pitbull.


From his thoughts on the gay community to his controversial comments about Beyonce, Trick isn’t apologizing for any of his views but hopes everyone understands where he’s coming from.

During a media appearance, the Florida veteran proudly declared that he's a fan of getting his, ahem, salad tossed, and Proctology Twitter totally digs in.

The veteran Florida rapper found himself on the wrong end of vicious criticism after he made an appearance on Clubhouse and took jabs at Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z.


Though it seems like Trick got off easy it's really because when he was busted by police for DUI they were only able to find "trace amounts" of that nose candy on a dollar bill.

Da Baddest Bitch, Trina, is the latest celeb who is currently facing the wrath of Twitter after calling Miami protestors animals during a rant on her radio morning show with Trick Daddy.

Back in January, Trick Daddy got popped for a DUI after a failed field sobriety test, which caused some extreme slander due to his mugshot and hairline. Now video of the arrest has been revealed, and it will only lead to more cocaine jokes because, it’s a pandemic and we need all the distraction we […]


To ensure the safety of ourselves and each other millions of Americans have had to sacrifice their everyday routine and practice social-distancing while complying with the stay-at-home order as much as possible to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Trick Daddy found himself the butt of jokes after his mugshot went viral in the wake of his arrest in Miami last week. After the avalanche of comments, the Florida rapper made it known that the jokes at his expense didn’t move a thing in him.

Trick Daddy has once again run afoul of the long arm of the law, this time getting knocked for a DUI and possession of some nose candy. The Miami rapper’s mugshot surfaced online with other reports and Twitter is roasting the struggle flick as expected.

Trick Daddy is in a world of financial hurt, this after the veteran rapper filed for bankruptcy for the fourth time. The Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member claims he has nothing in the bank and is trying to protect his assets.