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This one is for all you conspiracy theorists. A Wisconsin company is implanting microchips into the hands of its employees, and over half the workers have volunteered.

Reports the New York Times:

On Aug. 1, employees at Three Square Market, a technology company in Wisconsin, can choose to have a chip the size of a grain of rice injected between their thumb and index finger. Once that is done, any task involving RFID technology — swiping into the office building, paying for food in the cafeteria — can be accomplished with a wave of the hand.

The program is not mandatory, but as of Monday, more than 50 out of 80 employees at Three Square’s headquarters in River Falls, Wis., had volunteered.

“It was pretty much 100 percent yes right from the get-go for me,” said Sam Bengtson, a software engineer. “In the next five to 10 years, this is going to be something that isn’t scoffed at so much, or is more normal. So I like to jump on the bandwagon with these kind of things early, just to say that I have it.”

Y’all see how this could be a problem, right?

From having your privacy violated, to having Russian hackers tap into your body, the struggle could be endless. Is that worth the convenience of not having to break out an ID card?

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